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ConsultEd is not a standard strategic management consultancy.

We help individuals and organisations become fit for the future. We provide new lenses to look at and see your organisation and its context. New business and sustainability lenses that change perception of your personal and business risks, challenges and opportunities.

We integrate innovation, strategy and sustainability applying a deep understanding of business context. The sustainability wave and other exponentials are disrupting entire sectors and industries and you either understand how to spot the waves and ride them, or not. ConsultEd is recognized for understanding how to creatively strengthen and innovate all aspects of a business, in a profitable way. Scientifically robust, business proven ‘full sustainability’ knowledge, methods and examples are the basis to create unique solutions.

Three crucial and interdependent aspects are essential for any organisation to reap the benefits from sustainable innovation and create real value for all stakeholders:

  • Awareness & understanding of your context, including the relevance of exponential trends and the business case thereof;
  • Strategic innovation towards sharper, revitalised ambitions for smart alignment of thinking, feeling and doing; and
  • Engagement & dialogue that builds trustworthy relationships with relevant stakeholders to enable acceleration.

Typical services include:

  • Baseline assessments to identify where your organisation stands in relation to excellence and peers and how value can be captured.
  • Capacity building programs and (e)Learning packages to empower leadership throughout the organisation and beyond and enable effective collaboration.
  • Workshop facilitation and project management to have fun while accelerating progress and ROI.
  • Transformation journeys to support the development and delivery of your roadmap and action plans.
  • Analysis, research and advisory services on specific topics of relevance
  • Networking services and events aimed to connect individuals and organisations with similar mindset.

Our suite of services typically touches processes, products across the value chain, business models, stakeholder engagement and reporting and is aimed to increase effectiveness and efficiency of individuals, teams, organisations and systems.

ConsultEd has vast experience with, and knowledge of, advising management on subjects usually encountered where innovation, strategy and sustainability meet. Experience in various sectors and industries ensures a quick understanding of specific business drivers, processes and challenges, which will improve your chances on implementing changes successfully. 

Your situation, wishes and challenges will lead to a customised form of cooperation in which ConsultEd can support you with reaching your ambitions and meeting your stakeholder demands.